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This document lists all external requirements that are necessary for LayManSys to work in a proper way.

Table of Contents

"Must Have" Requirements/Dependencies
Optional Dependencies

"Must Have" Requirements/Dependencies

The following external dependencies listed here are required for using LayManSys:

LayManSys is a PHP framework, so the most important thing you essentially need is a PHP interpreter. If you only use LayManSys for preprocessing HTML documents on the command line, you just can download the current version from But if you wish using LayManSys on your webspace, please make sure your server admin has installed a version that meets the following requirements:

  • PHP 4.3 or above (recommended use of PHP super-globals, set_include_path (and get_include_path))
  • PHPs ctype extension, which is included by default in PHP 4.3 or above
  • LayManSys' XML parser is built on top of the PHP XML extension, which is based on expat and should be enabled by default, if using PHP 4.

Optional Dependencies

This section lists optional requirements that only have to be met for using further functionality or "special features".

Error Logging

The distributed module for logging errors to a MySQL database, lib/errors/log.php, requires a MySQL database server and PHPs MySQL extension. You can change the logging algorithm so errors are logged to other databases (PostgreSQL, SQLite, …) or to syslog.

Output Compression

You may want to compress the output PHP (not only LayManSys) produces, which requires the zlib extension.